Stop and smell the flowers


Some days I think about taking a break. A real break, not just a few minutes here or there, or a few days, but perhaps for weeks, or months, or years even! I amazed at folks I know who have. “I just got back from 6 weeks in Nepal,” “we just got back from 4 weeks driving out west.” And many other similar stories. I travel a lot for work, so if I was to take a break, I not positive it would include a lot of travel. But this gets me thinking, perhaps I don’t know how to take a break. I’m not sure what that would look like, feel like, be like. Might I loose my compass and drive forever, rather than come back all charged up? Recently I was forced to alter my travel schedule. For last ten years I have traveled for work, somewhere, usually every other week. Then circumstances forced me to stay put, at home, for 6 weeks. The longest previous record – being in one place – had been 15 days, in ten years! It seems to have broken the cycle. I’m not antsy to be on a plane after a week and a half of being in one place. I don’t have the deep guilt pangs, pushing me out the door… What if I took a break from the constant scheming, my micro management style I have developed … What space would be opened up? Would other things be aloud to just rush in and fill it, as has always been the case? Could I keep a bit of space clear? Ok, that’s enough dreaming, need to check my email…


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